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Tip 1: When replacing the bolts on the Rabbit scooters, use normal zinc bolts like the ones you find in your local hardware store. These are the original type of bolts that were used on your scooter. Older Vespas used palladium plated bolts and these were not used on Rabbits.

Tip 2: Buy a battery charger for your scooters. I just purchased one today, and it is wonderful. Make sure when charging your batteries that the charger is no greater than two amps and place the battery in cold water to keep the temperature down to avoid the plates in the battery from warping and maybe shorting out.

Tip 3: When doing any body work with heavy rust, use a sandblaster. They work the best!

Please send any restoration tips to Mr. Mark Swift, the operator of the The Fuji Rabbit Scooter Home Page, Please leave comments and questions ->: mark_a_swift@yahoo.com

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